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Medina Lake Betterment Association


An in-kind donation is a non-cash gift in the form of time, services, expertise, and goods. The LHCC publishes lists of in-kind donations needed to fit our needs. Goods are especially needed in July, August, and September as the annual Cajun Festival fundraiser approaches. For other in-kind donations, please get in touch with the LHCC ( to make sure that your generous consideration makes sense for our mission at that point in time. A gift acknowledgment form is available.

LEGACY GIVING (AKA planned giving, deferred giving, estate giving)
Legacy Giving refers to donations identified in a Will or Trust that supporters plan to give after their passing. Please get in touch with the LHCC ( for more information.

Designated Donations are given with a specific purpose in mind and may result from a solicitation or fundraising event. These funds are labeled as Restricted by the Treasurer. A donor making a designation that doesn’t make sense for our organization at that time may be asked if the money could be used for other purposes.

Undesignated donations will be used for any purpose.

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